Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dean Gorissen 'My Dad's a Wrestler!

Wow, Bam, Wham...

My Dad’s a Wrestler!

The new book from the creators of 'I got a Rocket!'

Dean Gorissen has illustrated a new book written by Matt Zurbo, about young Louie and his hero worship for his Dad. It's the story of an overweight, ragged and unshaven storeman by day, who by night transforms into his alter-ego, the overweight, raggedy, unshaven, unknown and pretty much completely unsuccessful Percolator!

None of which matters to Louie, who wants to be a wrestler too, just like Dad!


  1. Beautiful Dean, love it. You know Nigel's lad is called Louie don't you? Now if we can just get Nigel to stop shaving, put on some pounds and grease him up for a wrestle we may be able to bring this story to life!

  2. Hi. Great book and I love the illustrations. I've just bought it for my husband for father's day and I am pretty sure he is going to love it. I've also just reviewed it for Webchild with the review to go up sometime this week.

  3. I did not know that Christopher! Will speak to Nigel about the pounds and grease. I'm sure he'll be ok with it.

    Thanks jetlagmama, very much appreciated.

  4. Hey Dean, I'm half way there.. just need the grease and I'll be the Percolator!