Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long Story Shorts

Dean Gorissen is designing and illustrating a series of six short story collections for Affirm Press. The first two of the series, the extremely unsettling darkness of 'Under Stones' by Bob Franklin (of ABC's 'The Librarians') and 'Nineteen Seventysomething' a hearfelt requiem for bygone days by Barry Divola (Rolling Stone, Who, SMH...) were launched this month.

Striking a blow for out-of-shape, unshaven, middle-aged men with an impossible dream and a needle and thread everywhere, Dean's picture book (written by the super talented Matt Zurbo) 'My Dad's a Wrestler!' has been selected for this years Communication Arts Illustration Annual.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Ol' Lady That Keeps On Givin'

He's not one to blow his own trumpet so I thought I'd toot for him. Nigel's cranky ol' lady image just got selected for this year's Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Congrats Nigel! That lady just keeps on givin'!

STIGGY'S TRAIN by Christopher Nielsen aka "Dad"

This is a diptych I've been promising to paint for my son Stig ever since he was born around 20 months ago. Took me a while sorry buddy, but I finally got there! He actually gave the canvases a hug when got them which was pretty cool. It was a bit daunting trying to figure out what to paint to begin with but I concentrated on his main interests. That's his dog "Ocker" driving, along with his current obsessions, trains and oddly... the number 8. Hope you dig it Stiggy!

Christopher Nielsen- Stuff For Walls

Whenever I get a second in between jobs I try to work on larger canvases which I'm hoping to get on to some gallery walls in the near future. Here are some recent pieces. If you're a rich-sugar-daddy-gallery-owner lookin' for new talent, our operators are standing by waiting for your call....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dean Gorissen The Kinglake Cookbook

The Kinglake Cookbook is a collection of meals for everyday family eating by Chris Owen, chef and owner of some of Melbourne's most popular restaurants, who found himself running the kitchen at the Kinglake relief centre after the devastation of the Black Saturday bushfires. It's also the story of how the simple act of preparing and sharing a meal can help stitch a community back together again.

Deans work throughout the book illustrates the advice, spirit and humour that helped both the people affected by the fires, as well as those pitching in during the months following Black Saturday

The Kinglake Cookbook will be released on the 7th of February to coincide with the first anniversary of the fires. All profits from the sale will go to bushfire relief.