Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stuart McLachlan/animation for Boccolatte design

Stuart created his first ever animation for Boccolatte Design to be aired at the '09 Sydney Film Festival before each movie session. It was briefed in and completed in one and a half days through a very learn as you try stop motion method ( and a lot of praying). It was created using hand cut paper figures and a digital camera and then run through Quicktime pro.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lew Keilar/ Mens Style magazine

A recent commission for Lew with Mens Style magazine went a lot easier because the article mentioned George Clooney, who a month earlier, was a random addition to Lew's sketchbook. With a starting point already in place the rest of the illustration came quickly.

Nigel Buchanan/ 3x3 and CA

Nigel has had these two images chosen for the 3x3 Pro Annual out later this year. Obama was for the cover of The Week magazine at the time of his inauguration. The family was for Herman Miller's e-zine Jugglezine image was also selected for the 2009 Communication Arts illustration Annual.

jim tsinganos/Honda Odyssey

A double page spread for the new Honda Odyssey "Dream" brochure. Unfortunately for Jim payment didn't include a new Odyssey 7 seater, which with the recent birth of his third child he could well use.

jim tsinganos/Law Society Journal NSW

Half pager about trans Tasman law reform in last month's Law Society Journal of NSW.

jim tsinganos/Wealth Manager magazine

This was a spot for US magazine Wealth Manager about being under insured. In what was a wonderful, albeit rare example of business ethics, the job originally came to Jim through his London rep but upon learning that he had a US rep they forwarded the job to them for no extra commission as it was in their domain.

jim tsinganos/Master Your Metabolism

Jim recently completed yet another piece for Nature and Health magazine, this one being about the benefits of mastering your metabolism.

Lew Keilar/ AI web gallery

This piece has been chosen to appear on the American Illustration permanent web gallery TRIBUTE being launched November 2009. 'The Beehive' has been used on a DL mailer raising interest in Lew's burgeoning minimalist style; as well as showing as a large format print at the forthcoming Illustrators Australia 20th Anniversary exhibition in Melbourne.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sonia Kretschmar / How Magazine

Sonia recently Illustrated a feature spread on developing tactics for creative caffeine fueled brain storming for popular US design magazine "How".

Nigel Buchanan / Moneyweek

This guy is an investor heading to Brazil where apparently there are still some good investments to be had. Money Week, France

Christopher Nielsen

Christopher has had this piece "Vacant Lot" selected to appear in American Illustration 28.From the record breaking 8,100 images entered, a jury selected 381 illustrations to appear.

Ben Sanders

National Accountant magazine has been given a facelift with a new masthead and overall design. The cover of the first "new look" issue has been illustrated by Ben Sanders.

Lew Keilar/ GW magazine

Lew has had two commissions with the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend magazine recently. The first was for an article by Mia Freedman about juggling inherited feminist ideals from her mother with the reality of raising a daughter of her own; the second was for an article by Fenella Souter about the joys (and occasional difficulties) of living in a provincial French village.

Dean Gorissen

Dean recently completed illustrations for the TWIX ‘pause’ campaign across the gulf region in the Middle East. The Campaign, utilizing posters, press and TV, shows multitudes of people rushing about in Parks, Markets, City Streets and encourages them to pause, take a moment and enjoy a Twix. Seen below are details from ‘Souk’ and ‘Park’.

Stuart McLachlan

The monthly Avant Card award for Best Postcard Campaign was awarded to Stuart McLachlan's "Advance Australia Dare" rock poster card. The postcard as well as posters were created to advertise a national competition inviting musicians to submit their version of the Australian national anthem, with the winning entry being played live on Australia day. Each month’s winner will go in the running to compete for the prestigious title of “Postcard of the Year” . The overall winner will receive a trophy and a free postcard advertising campaign worth $10,000.Rock Onnnnnnnnnn!!!

Christopher Nielsen

Christopher was commissioned by noted a.d SooJin Buzelli to create this image about "new directions for regulations" for US mag PlanSponsor.

Dean Gorissen

Dean Gorissen recently completed this cover and inside illustration for a Forward Magazine feature story on US steel policy.

Dean Gorissen

Dean also illustrated a feature on effective trade show presentations for Associations Now Magazine.

Christopher Nielsen

Keep an eye out on the newsstands for Creative-The Annual where Pigs Christopher Nielsen and Ben Sanders have scored awards in the Illustration category!

Christopher Nielsen

You may have seen Christopher's illustrations recently used throughout The Real Food Handbook. The spreads below were part of a booklet put together in conjunction with The Sydney Magazine and The Good Food Affare.

Nigel Buchanan/ Society of Illustrators Silver

Nigel has won a sliver medal in the institutional section of their annual competition from US Society of Illustrators in New York. It was produced as a contribution to a fundraising auction for the not for profit rehersal space Queen Street Studios here in Sydney. The subject of the illustration were two of the performers from last year's auction party. They ended up with the winning bid.

Sonia Kretschmar

Commissioned by the 'Weekend Australian' magazine,Sonia produced this piece which conveys the sense of loss and disconnection that some of the generation of expats that headed over to London in the swinging 60's now feel with their aged parents who remain in Australia.

Sonia Kretschmar

More from Sonia; soon to grace the cover of an upcoming novel by Cassandra Golds (published by Puffin / Penguin in 2009), this wrap around illustration evokes a sense of poignancy with intricately detailed textures and colours for an historical fantasy tale about 10-year old Heloise. Sonia also created the hand lettering .

Sonia Kretschmar

Sonia illustrated an article reminiscing about the 'Golden Days' of Playboy, published in the Weekend Australia Magazine. Of course you would only buy it for the articles, back then.

Dean Gorissen

Dean Gorissen recently took part in the Illustrators Australia Annual 9x5 exhibition and auction at Space 39 in Melbourne. Participants are sent a piece of wood measuring, surprisingly, 9”x5” and a theme, this years’ being ‘The Year Of The Rat’. The Auction, led by ‘Keating! The Musical’ creator Casey Bennetto, was loud and frenetic, with a number of pieces garnering some highly competitive bidding, including this one. (The real reason for the night is, of course, to provide an excuse for a lot of illustrators who rarely venture out to get together, shoot the breeze, relax and, ok, have a drink or two)

Dean Gorissen

Dean Gorissen recently completed these companion pieces for a special edition of Alberta Venture magazine devoted to investment capital.
The first concerns the influx of tech capital to Albertan cities, while the second cautions against risking the things that are really important when trying to secure financing for your business.

Christopher Nielsen

Christopher has just finished up another cover for the San Francisco Chronicle. This time it's about the age old battle between the intellectual elite and Joe Six-Pack for control of the United States.