Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christopher Nielsen/ MY WEINER'S ON TV!

My Weiner recently got an airing on TV. The Super Snag was created for some vintage butcher shop signage in an ANZ bank commercial. It's right at the start of the clip, blink and you'll miss him!

Dean Gorissen 'My Dad's a Wrestler!

Wow, Bam, Wham...

My Dad’s a Wrestler!

The new book from the creators of 'I got a Rocket!'

Dean Gorissen has illustrated a new book written by Matt Zurbo, about young Louie and his hero worship for his Dad. It's the story of an overweight, ragged and unshaven storeman by day, who by night transforms into his alter-ego, the overweight, raggedy, unshaven, unknown and pretty much completely unsuccessful Percolator!

None of which matters to Louie, who wants to be a wrestler too, just like Dad!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nigel Buchanan / Library Association

This was a marathon illustration of epic proportions. All very PC with different ages, professions, races, genders engaging with the same book. A tough crowd!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Christopher Nielsen/ THE CUBAN CONNECTION

Here's my piece for "The Cuban Connection" exhibition opening on the 13th at Gorker Gallery. Everyone was given a cigar box to work with. I love South American loteria cards so I used that as my starting point. Get along to the opening if you're in Melbourne. The show is curated by Timba at Wooden Toy mag.